Umrah visa

Umrah Visa Can Now Be Converted Into Tourist Visa

Saudi Arabia commission for tourism and national heritage Prince Sultan Bin Salman has initiated a new system for the reformation of old visas. The prince declared that the umrah visa can be used as tourist visa in Saudi Arabia.

This is the main channel of “the kingdom is Muslims destination”. The system was proposed several years before by the commission of Saudi. In the press conference the prince has announced that the major aim of the programs to increase the number of umrah pilgrims to see the landmarks of the country ,Islamic historical sites, attractive holiday destinations and the beautiful shopping malls.

Currently the Saudi Arabian government has taken some necessary steps for the reformation of visa and immigration issues. The oil and the natural gases are the major source to increase the financial growth of the country.

Gradually, large number of people around the globe is referring to reside at Saudi Arabia. The Saudi has better currency rate in comparison to the other countries of Asia. The industrial revolution needs more skilled workers for the fast growth of economy.  The immigration and visa policies of Saudi need reformation by which more no of pilgrims can easily come to the country. It will be another financial boost for the nation.

The rapid development of information technology also needs highly qualified software professionals.  So the immigration authority should pay attention towards it. The prince also added in his statement that the system will be a helpful approach for medical, educational and marketing tours. He said that SCTH will carry the program by the help of ministries of interior, foreign affairs and hajji.

Price reported that SCTH started the program before several years ago and it took a long interval of time to execute the plan in a proper way.

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