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New Zealand The Best Tourist Destination For Chinese

In current time china is the major travel market of New Zealand. The rate of china tourist arrivals in New Zealand increases rapidly. The prime minister and the minister of tourisim New Zealand both announced that china has selected Queenstown, a resort town in south island of New Zealand For its leadership seminar 2018.

For this program the government of china has sent 10,000 employees to Queenstown for a five days business tour. This contributes NZ$50 million revenue to New Zealand government. The shopping consumption reached NZ$10 million.

The prime minister of New Zealand Mr. John Key said that china is New Zealand’s second largest tourist market. Every year huge number of Chinese tourist arrivals happens in New Zealand. In the year 2015 china has contributed nearly NZ$ 1.7 billion to the economy of New Zealand.

In recent years the number of tourist from china to New Zealand are increasing gradually. In the year ending February 2016, the Chinese tourist arrival in New Zealand increased 27.9 percent. In order to increase the number of Chinese tourist arrivals in New Zealand, the government has set up some plans by inviting the Chinese actor Huang Lei and actress Yao Chen to promoting the country.

Currently Queenstown, Auckland and north island of New Zealand are the favorite visitors destinations for Chinese tourist. The tourists having the age 30 to 40 prefer to visit the interior and underdeveloped areas of New Zealand.

The current situation improves the bilateral relationship between both the countries. Chinese have provided lots of financial supports to New Zealand by selecting it as their favorite holiday destination. The economical condition of New Zealand improves by the arrival of foreign tourists.  The  natural beauty of the country and the visitors place help the country to generate sufficient revenue by the help of tourisim department.


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